Our Services

AMOTOI GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED provides support services to major International & Local Oil Companies and specializes in the following areas: Engineering Services, Such as Procurement and Supply of Wellhead Materials, Flowline/Flowstation Materials/Pipeline Materials and Construction Services, Pipeline Laying and Flowstation Upgrades & Wellhead Maintenance, Flow-station Maintenance, Supply of Drilling and Production Chemicals, Haulage of Petroleum Products and Waste Management Services. Amotoi provides marine transportation and delivery services for Petroleum Products (Fuels, Oils and Gas) to a number of International and Indigenous Companies for Operational purposes as well as provision of Support on various projects at various Onshore/Offshore locations e.g. NAOC, SPDC, Chevron and AITEO. We specialize in the following:

  1. The provision of Marine Logistics/Marine Support Services for both Inland swamp and offshore operations, Manning, and Management of Vessels
  2. The provision of Pipeline Maintenance Services including Sectional Replacement Leak Repair, Wellhead Maintenance, Hook-up Line and Flowline Replacement, Maintenance of Cathodic Protection System.
  3. The Provision of Haulage Services including Supply/Haulage of Petroleum Products, Goods/Materials Road Haulage
  4. The Provision of Waste Management Services including Environmental Restoration Services (Oil Spill Control/Clean-Up), Hazardous Waste Transportation
  5. Drilling/Production Services including Supply of Drilling and Production Chemicals and Materials Supply Services,
  6. The Provision of Consultancy Services including Security Services (Security Equipment/Devices, Pipeline Surveillance, and Armed Guards)

  7. The Provision of Calibration Services including Oil & Gas Measuring Equipment/Instruments, Laboratory Equipment.
  8. The Provision of Facility Maintenance including Cathodic Protection and Coating, Storage Facility Maintenance.
  9. Installation and Maintenance Services including Electrical Installation/Maintenance and Materials, Installation and Maintenance of Security information system.
  10. The Provision Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Services to the Oil and Gas Industry.