AMOTOI GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED is an EPC Contractor with a proven track record of carrying out extensive engineering and construction services to the satisfaction and acclaim of our clients.

AMOTOI GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED provides these services to a number of major International & Local Oil Companies and specializes in the Engineering, Construction, Cathodic protection and maintenance (Painting), Pipeline maintenance/repairs of valves. We have engaged in facility construction & maintenance and rehabilitation works with over a decade of experience in the oil and gas sector. We are registered with Local and International Oil Companies including SPDC, Aiteo, NNPC and NLNG and are open to doing more business with other partners in the industry.

In the Area of Pipeline Maintenance which is our core area of maintenance, we undertake the following services:

Amotoi Global Services Limited increases pipeline safety with inspection services, testing, cleaning, and drying. By engineering our services to suit your specific project, you1I have a more cost-effective solution. Whether a new system is going online or an existing system needs maintenance, our range of services will help you to meet pipeline safety regulations. We can do this for you and have done for a wide variety of clients Onshore and Offshore, in deep water and in the remotest of locations all over the creek; your pipeline gets off to the best possible start. We have pipeline inspection tools to examine the issues that can cause you problems, such as corrosion, pipeline movement, mechanical damage, or problems with cathodic protection. Debris in the pipeline can affect throughput, cause corrosion, increase operating cost, and prevent proper inspection. Finally, when you need to take the system out of operation whether for maintenance or at the end of its life, we can remove the product safely by purging with nitrogen and leave the pipeline in a condition that won't hurt the environment.

Pipeline Pre-Commissioning: AGSL's pipeline pre-commissioning services prepares your pipeline correctly before going into service, giving you years of trouble-free operation. Cleaning and drying thereby reducing erosion, improves efficiency, maximizes throughput, and prevents hydrates from forming. AGSL Optimizes Pipeline Efficiency and Reduces Downtime ensuring that client's pipeline or Facility operates at maximum efficiency by keeping them clean. Our mechanical & chemical methods allow us to match pipeline conditions and ensure that debris such as crude oil, refined products, water and specialized petrochemical products at reduced cost.

Integrated Pipeline Services: AGSL's integrated pipeline services improves Client's planning and eliminate duplication to save you time and money on pipeline integrity projects, we offer pipeline cleaning, separation equipment, and inspection for reduced interface management, pipeline evacuation and nitrogen purging to take the line out of service, followed by revalidation hydrotesting, dewatering, and drying after completion of repair works.

Pipeline Cleaning (flushing): Amotoi 's pipeline cleaning services reduces operational problems with the most efficient, cost-effective solution for the specific pipeline conditions. This ensures you get the biggest cleaning improvement.

Pipeline Maintenance & Construction: Amotoi Global Services Limited provides Oil Pipeline Construction and Maintenance services to leading energy clients, it's a highly-coordinated, well-planned operation by a large team of experienced professionals. Our Company employs a highly skilled workforce We have maintained a steady level of growth by emphasizing safety, work quality, client satisfaction, and employee development.

Mechanical Engineering: Amotoi Global provides services ranging from: Pipe Isolation Service(SMART PLUG), Provision of Temporary Crane, Air Compressor - 750 CFM - 150 PSI(RENTAL), AIR DRYING UNIT - 750 CFM RENTAL, Diesel Generator - 1000kva(Rental) & WHCP - Hydraulic Oil

Construction: Amotoi Global provides Fabrication/ Welding Services for our Clients in the Oil and Gas industry. We employ highly skilled Welders/ Fabricators and has a state-of-the-art fabrication yard and Amotoi Global has the resources to complete large and small fabrication projects for Pipelines, Pump and Compressor stations.

Electrical & Instrumentation: Amotoi Global provides Electrical & Instrumentation Services for our clients in the Oil and Gas industry. We have rendered services in the areas such as: Procurement & Supply of AC/DC UPS, Eletrical Bulk Materials, Electrical netwoking monitoring and control (ENMC) system, Lighting, junction box and receptacles, Cable ladders and tray, Electrical heat tracing, LV Busduct, Emergency Power Generator (A-71001) & Essential Power Generator (A-70401), Instrument air compressor package and Instrument air dryer package, API 674 Pumps, Shell and Tube Heat exchanger, Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger, Plate and Frame heat Exchangers, Electrical Heaters, Cable Glands (cover all INS cable glands), Fire Alarm Control panel (FACP) & Addressable Devices, Sampling Connections, Miscellaneous bulk items (Elec Bulk, conduit), HVAC equipment and items, TEG Regenearation Package & Electrical distribution boards (Rental).

Pipeline Repairs Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited Crude theft Pt veron 24'' NCTL@ Nembe das
Nembe Creek W26T FL Replacement Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited Crude theft Pt rem24'' old NCTL @sego
Bunkwall Reconstruction Odeama Flow Station-WingC Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited Bunkpt removal on 8'' Cawthrone channel 2dl
Construction & Replacement of Flowline in NES1& 2Swamp Areas Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited Extra work on 28’’@bodo .
Flowline Repairs / Sectional Replacement/Facility Modifications Aiteo Eastern Exploration & Production Company Limited Clamping of well 6T Flowline, Full
replacement of Well 3s flowline, Sectional
replacement of 4”flowline, Installation of
8”Suction Header, Sectional Replacement of
8”discharge line, Leak Repair of 2”Air line.
Flowline Repairs / Sectional Replacement Aiteo Eastern Exploration & Production Company Limited Replacement of LP2 Separator spool, Installation of 49L AVA UNIT, Exports Pump header spools leak repair, Removal of G342
Flowline Repairs / Sectional Replacement Aiteo Eastern Exploration & Production Company Limited Sectional Replacement Of Corroded 1/2” Drain Line Of LP Separator To The Chemical Injection Line
Installation of Cathodic Protection System/Corrosion control Morpol Jaihind/Indorama Procurement, installation and Commissioning of
both Temporary and Permanent Impressed
Current Cathodic Protection System for the 18” x
83Km Indorama Gas pipeline project.
Flowline Repairs / Sectional Replacement Aiteo Eastern Exploration & Production Company Limited Sectional replacement of 4”flowline riser goose neck change,
Flowline Repairs / Sectional Replacement Aiteo Eastern Exploration & Production Company Limited Sectional replacement of 4”flowline ( Well 63s,54S,20L, Nembe Creek 2)
Installation of Cathodic Protection System/Corrosion control Topline/NAOC Procurement ,Installation of Solar Powered CP System for 24”x 80Km NAOC Gas Pipeline.
Installation of Cathodic Protection
System/Corrosion control.
Oilserv/NIPP. Procurement, Installation and Commissioning of
both Temporary and Permanent Cathodic System
for the 18” Egbema NIPP Gas pipelines
Construction of Chemical Blending Plant Amotoi Global Services Limited Construction of Ultra Morden Chemical Blending
Plant at Ohia Ishimini by Airport Road, MbodoAluu, Rivers State.