AMOTOI OILFIELD CHEMICALS is an emerging oilfield chemical and specialty fluid management company, supplying and optimizing key products and solutions to a wide base of international oil companies (IOCs) operating in the Nigerian oil industryas well as National oil companies (NOCs).

Our commitment to partnering with leading global technical companies and employing industryspecialists and professionals has ultimatelygiven us an edge and reputation in the oil field chemical space. Our ISO 9001:2015, 45001:2018, 14001:2015 certification shows our sole commitment to maintaining international standards through ouroperations. We have a management team which comprises of seasoned professionals with both local and international experience. With excellent service delivery deeply rooted in the very core of our entire business offerings, we are vested in improved technologyand service development.

Chemical Solution: Production and specialty Chemicals, Drilling and Specialty Chemicals, Chemical additives, Industrial chemicals & Oil additives.

KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT:Dedicated Account Management, Product development in conjunction with technical partners, Workshops, trainings and seminars for client staffs

TECHNICAL SERVICES:Technical support to clients, Field management and surveys, Laboratory facilities and management, Laboratory testing plus methods, Technical/commercial recommendations

OIL FIELD PRODUCT SOLUTIONS: We provide oilfield production chemicals that helps operator optimize flowwhile reducing on its impact on the environment. Our technical and flow assurance team is readily available to audit client's use of chemicals in order to optimize your product range. We provide full chemical management programs for operators. They make field visits to optimize the use of these products and advise on applications.

These chemicals solutions include:
De-oilers, Tailor made demulsifier, Asphaltene inhibitors, Asphaltene dissolvers, Paraffin inhibitors, Paraffin dissolvers, Wax inhibitors, Pourpoint depressants, Corrosion inhibitor, Wastewater treatment chemicals, Tank cleaning chemicals, Scale Inhibitors & dissolvers, Salt dispersant, Oxygen Scavengers, H2S Scavengers, Defoamers, Foamers and foam sticks for gas well deliquification, Drilling and completion chemical, Sub-sea fluid, Stimulation chemical, Pipeline & process chemicals, Water solutions, Utility chemicals AMOTOI LABORATORY AMOTOI LABORATORY is a key part of the OFC business that provides for laboratory analysis, trials, study and simulations prior to field applications of products or optimization of processes. Our laboratory activities are rendered in support of the OFC – Technical Team to enable them resolve field production/operational challenges. The activities include Research and Product Development, Production and Product Blending, laboratoryanalysis/assays. The team work together both in the laboratory and in the field to achieve overall organizational goals

Research and Product Development

Chemical production/Product Blending

  1. Using upscale formulation to produce/blend required solution to problems
  2. Ensure availabilityof rawmaterials, packaging materials and products at all times.
  3. Conduct QC analysis on the product blended alongside with the issuance of certificate of analysis (COA).
  4. Technical service support

Laboratory simulations and trials for:
  1. Demusifierbottle tests;
  2. Water clarifier screening and selection;
  3. Pourpoint screening and selection;
  4. Wax inhibitor screening and selection and so manyothers

Other Laboratory services
  1. QA/QC activities forall products coming into orleaving the AMOTOI OFC PH warehouse.
  2. Procurment and Provision of Chemical Injection Package for Oil & gas Companies
  3. Chemicals For Water Treatment
  4. Fresh Water, Diesel & Production Chemicals